Friday, 17 January 2014

365 Days - Week 3

A quiet week on the home front. My photos this week are pretty average because they were all taken on my mobile phone. Even so, here they are!

11th of January 2014

Tonight we went to Mum and Dads for dinner. Mum gave me a new sewing box to hold all my hand sewing threads and accessories.

12th of January 2014

Tonight I got excited and decided to clean my kitchen from top to bottom. Normally this wouldn't be exciting but I decided I wanted to make pasta and it requires a large portion of clean bench space. Here it is all set up for pasta making in the AM!

13th of January 2014

Here it is! Home made Pasta. It's nothing new in our house but it was the first that i've made this year. I had a wonderful time making it with my neice.

14th of January 2014

Today I rescued some old furniture. It was sitting there all sad and headed to the dump, so I adopted both pieces for $20 and bought them home! I'm really excited about sanding them back and revamping them.

15th of January 2014

Today I was sick. Sick is really an understatement, I was bed ridden after a really horrible night. No work for me! Just lots of water and sleep.

16th of January 2014

Today I visited my doctor. Still sick! Little did I know that this would be my only outing for 4 days!

17th of January 2014

Today I started my new medication. This tiny little pack not only cost a bucket load, but only contains enough pills for 10 days! Lets hope a repeat isn't required. I might have to get a loan.

So there they are. I spent the better part of the week at home in bed sleeping and recovering. What am I grateful for? The fact that I live in a country that provided free healthcare and the fact that I have such lovely co-workers that checked in on me and we're really kind about my absence from work. It's amazing how much you take these things for granted.

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