Thursday, 3 October 2013


Love is not only a feeling, it is an action.
Only sometimes we have to show it, even when we don't feel it.
Very few people realise that it's a choice that can effect your whole life.
Even when it hurts, it never ends. 

It's about saying I do and I will
Sometimes we need to make sacrifices, but it's always worth it.

Although love is unconditional, you must never ask how others can love you more.
Love is about giving all you have and asking for nothing in return.
We have friends, siblings and family to keep our hearts full.
Almost any situation can be made better by showing love.
You might not always know it, but so many people love you.
Someone may be thinking about you right now.

Where we find love can be surprising.
One of the best ways to love is to forgive.
Reconciliation can lead to wonderful things.
There is always a risk of a broken heart, but that shouldn't stop you.
How do you know when it's real? You don't.

I like to think that love is a surprise.
The best things in life are often stumbled upon, not pursued.

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