Monday, 30 September 2013

Book Review: Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella

It took me 2 day to finally finish Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella. It's not that I didn't enjoy it, it's just that I was a little disappointed as it became clear only a few chapters into it, that it didn't live up to my existing expectation of this particular author. I have to admit, I was excited to see this book on the shelf and it took a whole 2 seconds for me to decide to purchase it, It just wasn't the quality I've come to expect.


Lottie and Fliss are sisters, like most sisters they don't often see eye to eye. Fliss is the eldest and due to a series of unfortunate events, she had to take on a motherly role back they were children. Now as 30 something year olds, both sisters live opposite lives. Fliss is going through a messy divorce and Lottie is still desperately trying to find "the one". Sick of dating duds and still mourning the loss of her last relationship with commitment phobe Richard, Lottie leaps into marriage two feet first when her old flame Ben comes back into her life after 15 years and professes his love for her. Obviously she's crazy. Fliss thinks so anyway, so she tries to protect her sister by postponing the wedding at 1 days notice. Just as Fliss thinks she's bought some time to talk some sense into Lottie, things take a turn and suddenly everything is going wrong. Lottie is married and on her way to the Greek Islands on a dream honeymoon and a determined Fliss boards the next plane with plans to end this mistake of a marriage, whether Lottie likes it or not.

My Thoughts: 

This whole novel is just a series of unfortunate events that just snowball into crazy town. The characters are not very relatable and the storyline basically revolves around preventing Lottie and Ben from consummating their marriage. If you're not a fan of reading about sex, this book is not for you. 

The book is written in first person narrative and it jumps between Fliss and Lottie. It's well written but lacks the spark you expect from Sophie Kinsella novels. That being said, it's laugh out loud funny in parts and is generally quite enjoyable. I did find that some parts dragged on a little, but  it's a good read, even though it's not exactly the kind of book that you wouldn't want to put down. It would be a great beach or lazy day read, but don't expect feel any real sense of accomplishment when you finish reading it.

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