Friday, 23 August 2013

Glow Steph Glow!

Tomorrow night a group of 10 people from work are participating in the Puma Glow Run. I am one of those lucky 10!

It's safe to say that I wasnt as keen as I could have been when I was asked to participate, so you can imagine how great I felt when I found out I'd been signed up while I was away and then asked to pay the money.

It took me a few weeks to get pumped up before I started training for it. Now by training I actually mean that I walked 5km one afternoon and thought "easy, I've got this". So now I'm sitting here the night before incredibly nervous and regretting the times I should have got off my butt and actually tried harder to prepare.

Nerves aside, I'm actually really excited. I really just want to go tomorrow with a positive attitude and just smash it!

I can do this. I'm sure I can... At the very least I have to try!

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