Sunday, 25 August 2013

The morning after

I did it! 5km in 1 hour! We stopped to dance at each station, linked arms and skipped, cheered on the other teams and even had ego boost pit stops where we boosted eachother up! Go Rainbow Unicorns Go!

7 of the 10 Rainbow Unicorn team members!

Was it enjoyable? Yes! Would I do it again? No!

Alright, it was a wonderful night and we had heaps of fun but all the profit went to multinational sporting giant Puma. There were easily a thousand people and at $50 a pop, they made a wopping $50k! They do this in every capital city and its worked by volunteers. They own the equiptment and take it from state to state and also have 4 major sponsors. For an event that is supposed to promote fun and fitness, they provided only unheathy food options. Nothing says fitness like pancakes or waffles before a race and hot chips and burgers after.

If it was for charity I would do it again for sure, but to support a company with a multi billion dollar net worth - no thanks!

On the plus side, It was fun and the volunteers were fantastic at keeping everyone motivated. The whole event had a positive and happy feel to it and was generally a great atmosphere to be surrounded in.

This morning I'm feeling a little sore. My back is really sore, my feet hurt when I stand up and I think I've done some damage to my left foot. Ouch!

My ouch face

Aside from the recovery of yesterdays race, I'm also dealing with a husband who is attempting to recover data from our server that died at 3am. Both the main hard drive and the back up drive went bust! All my photos and documents were stored on it so I'm hoping he can recover them because otherwise it's all gone forever. All our music, movies, tv shows and media will have to be all manually put back on one cd at a time if he can't fix it.

Me and my first world problems.

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