Monday, 5 August 2013

Cricket by request

"Aunty Steph, why has Australian cricket lost its way?" - Rik

Well, lets start with the Australia Vs England match last week that was an absolute shocker! The umpire was completely ridiculous and it was obvious to everyone that there were rays of sunshine between the bat and the wickets! The decision should have been overturned, it was simply disgusting.

I had you going for a moment there didn't I? Even if I didn't, it's clear that I know little to nothing about cricket let alone why Australian cricket has lost its way. My knowledge of cricket is as follow;

Cricket originated in England with the longest game lasting a total of 14 days. Don Bradman was one of the most famous Australian cricketers and my TV is never available on Boxing day. That's about it. A whole 32 words.

It's safe to say that sport isn't exactly my forte, although I'd like to think that I'd probably excel at a few...  Three-legged racing? or a Relaxation Marathon?... Maybe a Thumb wrestling match or the Paper Scissors Rock world championships would be more appropriate...

I wouldn't be going and making any bets just yet, I don't think I'm going to bring the gold home any time soon.

I'm not sure when Extreme Ironing will qualify as an Olympic sport, but when it does - Watch out!

I'm not sure my thumb is ready for the ring...

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