Thursday, 29 August 2013

Sick and Tired

This morning I got up and noticed that something wasn't quite right when I walked up to the mirror. My eyes were incredibly red and watery, I tried to stop them but they just wouldn't clear up. I decided to ignore it and get dressed for work. Eventually they eased up a little and I just got on with it.

I was dropped at work and walked through the door, the first person to see me instantly asked if I was feeling ok. The answer was No. No I wasn't feeling ok. I felt like death warmed up. So after a solid 28 minutes I left. I arrived home to a overwhelming urge to throw up and then it began!

So today I've spend the entire day napping, drinking water and attempting to recover from whatever it is that has decided to infect me like the plague. Not exactly how I intended on spending my day. Yuck Yuck Yuck!

As a way of coping with my awful day, I decided to build towers with blocks. It sounds weird but I find it therapeutic. Building towers is a great way to distract myself and get my mind off my thoughts and feelings, instead I think about what I'm building and very quickly my frustration levels lower and I feel better.
These are some of today's creations;


Building blocks are not just for kids.

Sickness aside, I feel incredibly tired. I feel run down and burnt out.

On a positive note, tomorrow is Friday which means I'm 1 day away from 4 days off! I have my nephew sleeping over and a family BBQ on Saturday and on Monday I have a date with my friend. It's my turn to plan our activities for Monday so I'm really excited! Ice Skating, Picnic in the park or Gold Class? Decision decisions.

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