Friday, 12 July 2013


Today I had the opportunity to sit down with my co-workers and speak with them about negativity in the workplace and their thoughts and feelings about it's contribution to morale.

I didn't expect it to come up in conversation, but they wanted to know how I cope with it and how I manage to remain positive and helpful, without ever snapping or rolling my eyes at anyone.

Initially I said it was because I only had to work 3 days a week. But that's not true. Whilst at work I live by the saying "You can't control what others do or say, just the way you react as a result".

Just generally, I try and be diplomatic, empathetic & patient. I'm often told I have the patience of a saint. But why? Why do I choose to be polite and kind? Why don't I snap back when people are rude to me? It really just comes back to one word - Respect.

I firmly believe that all people have intrinsic worth. People can teach you things that you were unaware that you needed to learn. Everyone has a story to tell and every one feels differently about things.  I'd like to think that people are good, even if the words they say are not.

I respect people because they are people. Simple as that! I don't think people are "dumb" or "stupid" but rather Unsupported, ill-trained or simply uneducated. That doesn't mean that they can't improve, it just means that they haven't had opportunities provided to them that other people have.

I don't mind being asked questions, even when the same people ask the same questions every day, because I believe people learn in different ways and that these same people don't ask to be annoying, but ask because they don't feel confident, they feel overwhelmed or simply because they are having "one of those days" so how can I feel frustrated by that? That's silly.

So what am I getting at here?

I guess what I'm saying is that negativity is something you can either welcome into your life, or something you can accept but deflect. Why choose to be unhappy? Why choose to let other peoples negativity consume you? You just have to respect their right to feel negative, but also continue to feel the way you want to feel - who wants to feel negative if they can choose to feel positive?

I'd like to say this carries over into my personal life, but it doesn't. I choose not to accept negativity from others, but I am my own biggest critic. I really wish I could take my own advice when it comes to dealing with myself!

Now, lets lighten this up a little. How fab do I look in this dress!? Ok, so you can only see from the waist down, but still. My first ever online clothing purchase! Fits perfectly and I'm so excited to wear it to my beautiful friends engagement party in a few weeks.

Fitness update. This week i've learnt that I'm so not a morning person! Photo opportunities at 6am are not a good idea and very far from flattering. But I'm up and I'm trying. 1 week and going strong! If only I could kerb my eating habits a bit more... Next week is a new week though. A new chance to try and another chance to try and make a change.

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