Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Really? Is this a thing?

There are very few things in life that are as strange as seeing the words "Hey bitch, how are you?" appear on your phone from an unknown number. 

Well, I was doing a lot better before you called me a bitch, stranger. 

Is this a thing now? Calling each other swear words as a friendly way to communicate? When did our language get so messed up?

If I sent this kind of message to one of my friends, I don't think I'd get a pleasant  reply. If anything I'm sure I'd get a "umm, is this actually Steph?" Or a "what the? Why are you calling me that" rather than a "fine thanks, how are you?" 

When did it become acceptable to be calling each other such a derogatory word? I love the women in my life. They are my friends, my support, my lifelines, and when I need it most my shoulders to cry on. But they are never going to be my bitches, my whores or my hoes.

I respect theses women and I can't understand flipping the word and using it as a term of endearment. No matter what feminist propaganda is thrown at me, I refuse to "reclaim" the word. You wouldn't let a man get away with it, so why should you let a women get away with it? How can you fight for equal rights while you create a double standard?

In an age of social media, at what point do you draw the line and decide that enough is enough? We already needlessly shorten words and avoid proper use of grammar. Shouldn't that be enough? Do we really need to blur the line between polite and impolite? 

The unspoken word is already difficult to interpret sometimes. It's hard to know what emotion the text is supposed to portray without hearing it. If there is more than one way to take something people always manage to take it the worst way. Why make it harder to communicate with each other?

Blanket rule - If you wouldn't say it to your mum, you shouldn't say it to anyone!

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