Sunday, 7 July 2013

Smashed it!

This afternoon Phil & I embarked on a mysterious journey across our suburb. We didn't know where we were going or how long it would take, but we knew we had to try.

Ok, well clearly I'm not going to be winning any literary competitions, but in all seriousness - today was a really awesome achievement for me.

At about 4:30pm I decided to go for a walk to the 7-11 down the road and around the corner. I asked Phil if he wanted anything and he said that he'd accompany me on the walk and suss it out. So we left the house and decided to make a decent walk of it. 1 hour, 4 Minutes and 37 seconds and 4.2km's later we returned home with Noodles for dinner, 2 bottles of water and a mars bar.

So there we have it. For someone that hasn't attempted any serious form of exercise in about 3 months, I think they are pretty good stats. I also decided to weigh myself tonight and after a single week of healthy eating & exercise I've already lost exactly 1 kg.

I'm going swimming tomorrow to rest my poor feet. I didn't put the arch supports in my shoes before we left and now I regret that decision. My heels are really painful!

Fun fact: lack of proper support causes the fibrous tissue is the arches of the feet to tear as they are unable to stretch. Due to the way the tissue tears, arch pain is felt primarily in the centre of the heel instead of under the arch itself.

Yeah, ok. It wasn't really a fun fact but now you know. If you've got very high or relatively low arches and feel some heel pain after walking long distance, supports might be something worth looking into.

Below is a photo of when Phil & I left - with our tough faces on. Tough doesn't work for me, I just get the giggles and it translates to a terrible photo. The little map is how far we walked, it doesn't look like much but 4.2km is a long way when you've previously only walked from your fridge to your lounge.

The sun was beautiful and warm today. I love how the sun makes everything look alive in the winter. It makes you glad to be alive. I'm trying to find the positive in everything in an attempt to change my thinking, but this view truly made me happy.

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