Monday, 1 July 2013

Weigh-to-go Steph!

I'm sitting at home watching TV and feeling a little disappointed in myself.  About 3 months ago I had a "click" moment - A moment when I thought that one of the biggest issues in my life, just sort of seemed to make sense. Of course, It's not good enough just to think about these things, you actually have to put a plan into action.

Queue dramatic music.

After some health scares, I thought that I was ready to tackle my weight issue - my weight struggle. Unfortunately, during the 3 months i've basically fluctuated between a 8kg loss and my starting weight. I haven't put on any more weight which I guess is a small victory, however it's not one I feel proud of.

How do people find the motivation? Sometimes I feel really inspired and just wanna get out there and do it. Get out there an run or jump or skip. Most times I just feel tired.

If I had someone pulling me out of bed every morning and yelling at me when I looked at unhealthy options, I could probably lose the weight. I just couldn't let them ever go home again. I'd also be in a crap mood for the remainder of my life - who wants to have some arrogant arse following them around telling them not to put food in their mouthes and to give them 20? No-one!

Tomorrow is another day and another opportunity to try again. 

If in 6 months time I'm not at least 10kgs lighter, please feel free to rip me a new one. I give you permission - You may want to print this as evidence... I'm not beyond deleting this post and pretending it never happened.

Here are some photos to kick start the new motivation - something to keep me accountable. 


It's funny how your view in the mirror often differs from that of a camera. These photos are taken from above, so I expected them to be a bit out (watch me explain my way out of this one) -  the "front" of the image is the top of me, making it seem bigger because its "closer" and the "middle" of the image is my bottom half and thus appear smaller as it "further away" then the top half - Schooled! Sort of...

But honestly, It's out right scary! These photos make me feel like an elephant in a way that only the Target changing room mirrors previously could!

I'll keep you posted, I have quite a weigh-to-go yet.

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